Thursday, 9 December 2010

iPod/iPhone Apps

The technologies that have been introduced and have grown in popularity over the past few years have helped market both films to their target audiences. iPhones and iPod touches have become massively popular in recent years, along with Apple's domination over the market. This proliferation has allowed almost anyone to create and app and put it on iTunes for users to download, either for free or a small price, and the marketers of both TBTR and Avatar have utilised this system to help get awareness of their films out there and available to a mass market. These apps are examples of technological convergence, and both allow complete portability and interactivity with the user.

The Boat That Rocked

  • Free iPhone/iPod Touch app
  • Official Top Trumps game with 1 or 2-player mode
  • High quality movie trailer, a good use of cross-media convergence to promote the film, as people download the app for the game and also get the advertisements for the film itself.
  • Movie image gallery
  • Created by Universal Pictures, the film's distributor which allowed a higher budget and reach of the app due to its large ownership spread
  • Developed by Golden Gekko on behalf of Hyper
    This app may not have been as successful as intended, as the film's core audience of over 60s aren't as likely to own iPhones or iPod touches so a large segment of their demographic will be missing out on this particular marketing strategy.


  • 2 Versions: Avatar (full version) currently at £2.99, Avatar Lite for Free
  • You play a Na'vi character fighting off undesired species who are destroying Pandora
  • It begins with a prequel story and showcasing the events leading up to the movie Avatar
  • Satisfies the users' needs and wants to be entertained and immersed in the world of Avatar
    Use the key concepts to explore this further and draw conclusions


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